• Paul Flint

Never a dull moment despite the rain

Goodness, what happened to March, sorry for those of you waiting to see our March blog, it was gone before we could say ‘rain’ and now nearly April too!!

RAIN RAIN RAIN - Just like most of our beautiful country, we have had a fair dosing of rain recently, and most have had a jolly good moan about it, including us,

when we are slogging through mud on our daily walk with the mad dog Rudder. What we do know is that the ground will be full of that much needed moisture to get the garden looking great this summer. We’ve had a fabulous show of daffodils, and spring bulbs, and now the blossom is out to delight with some stunning fragrances and bright colours. When the warmth did arrive albeit briefly we are lucky to have such a great garden with its different areas for visitors and us to find a suitable hideaway to read that book or sup that wine, we wonder what will happen this year in the garden for the summer.

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL - Having spent March and April not only nursing our 25 year old daughter Floss to recovery from hip surgery (which has been a new challenge for all 3 of us especially Floss of course) we have been giving our beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms in the Stables cottage a fabulous makeover, we have seen Easter visitors enjoying the new comfort of the rooms and they have certainly made the best use out of the wood burner on those wet dull days. Among the renovations we have

fabulous new curtains by ‘The Black Pin’ Jo and Emma from Petersfield displaying their great skills in dressing the windows in stunning Ian Mankin and Kate Forman fabrics. We will be seeing them back at The Lone Barn in the future for sure. Nothing like great curtains to complete a room.

PRACTICAL PRACTICAL PRACTICAL - Paul has been using one of his many talents to

build a new wall for the cottage terrace and it’s looking fantastic, giving visitors some privacy while they have their breakfast alfresco perhaps.

To add to the list a very flash cycle wash station for those cyclists to ensure their precious pieces are kept pristine after a ride in the lanes. Now he is working on the secure storage for the bikes and new bike resting areas (they need to rest and re-couperate too!)

NEW NEW NEW - In February we mentioned our proposed specialist cycling and walking weekends, and Christmas activity weekends. These are very much still in the planning process, and we have been liaising with local businesses to ensure we offer the best opportunities for our guests. Please be patient and keep watching our blogs and website.

So with that in mind, we can finish there this month and get on with the planning, and if we are lucky might manage the odd sail on the Solent we hope when the weather perks up. Life is all about balance isn’t it.

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