• Paul Flint

One year on.....

Just under a year ago, we were building our website and had minds full of ideas. If we were to stay living at Lone Barn, our home of nearly 18 years, we knew we had to make it work for us and others. We wanted to give others the opportunity to share this wonderful space. Our girls having moved on and out, meant we have a lot of space for just 2 of us and our hound.

To be honest, our minds are still full of ideas, but we are very happy to say we are lot further on. Having shared this simply stunning part of Hampshire with families, couples, friends, foreigners and locals in so many ways.

Finding a way to get away with a PLACE TO STAY

Our summer was a wash with guests from Germany, Dubai, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia, America and of course the good old UK. enjoying making our Stables cottage and bed and breakfast rooms which opened at the end of May their home for a few days, for family gatherings, holidays and weekends away.

Pauls barn, once a workshop came alive again in August when we hosted the wonderful Hampshire Open Art Studio with our daughter Millie showcasing her art and this in turn gave birth to our POP UP COFFEE STOP. Now open once a month for 3 days at a time (see our website for dates). We have given cyclists, walkers and just those looking for a trip out to the countryside an opportunity for a stop off to enjoy homemade cakes, Pauls pour over coffee and now for winter homemade soup to warm our hearts.

The barn is simply rustic and the decor is just what happens to get found with bike bits, door handles, old farm and carpentry tools and our collection of records decking the walls.

We have had so many lovely compliments from visitors and it has given us the enthusiasm to launch our RURAL RETREAT DAYS and in 2019 weekends.

In December we are hosting 3 rural retreats, helping others to find

their inner creative skills for decorating their home without plastic! Click here for more details and to book, hurry places are limited.