• Paul Flint

Is it summer !

It certainly has felt like summer is here already & we missed spring !

Panicking about the garden and thinking of watering already ! This can’t be right !

We thought we would have a gentle windup to the season but it’s upon us already and in full swing !

We’ve just completed a very successful Spring flower workshop & now putting final bits of preparation in to our photography workshop .

This will be run by Sally a successful & qualified photographer to help you get to grips with your digital SLR ! I would like to take part myself but I think we will be rather tied up with the hosting !

Have a look at this link for more information.

This weekend is our April pop-up in the Barn, so it’s full steam ahead with baking & experimenting with a few new recipes for you to look forward to whether you’re a long-standing regular or if this is your first visit . As usual we are open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9-4 . Offering a good smattering of cakes, savoury options and for the keen beans who want to get up & bike out early we offer simple breakfasts!

Hope the weather lasts for everyone wanting to get out this weekend ! (We would like some rain for the garden before hand?)

All the best Team Lone barn

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